Pipe milling machine

The TKM pipe cutting-milling machines are state of the art. They are specially designed for highly dynamic and precise cutting and milling of large pipes. We offer two base modules, which can be customized with peripherals as required.


(For more details see the catalog for pipe and tank machines)

Diameter:  200 - 3200 mm

Wall thicknesses:         6 - 80 mm

Lengths:      500 - 18,000 mm       

Advantages at a glance

  • High productivity
  • Simple installation of parts by plane-parallel machining of pipe ends
  • Fault-free automatic welding of parts
  • Milling ensures that no carburized materials are welded
  • High quality of parts due to NC-controlled machining
  • Quality confirmed by optional integrated ultrasonic inspection
  • Repairs and countersunk machining are integrated
  • Quick and accurate attachment of parts with the optional marking function

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