Saw systems – peripherals

We offer a wide range of extensions

  • Classical peripherals such as material magazines that transfer the material from the bundle or diagonal position to the infeed section.
  • Length-measuring systems that measure input lengths to optimize the cuts.
  • Positioning systems - using rollers or driver systems with light barriers, laser measuring systems, length measurement limit stops or positioning grippers depending on the required precision.
  • Roller conveyors with prismatic or cylindrical rollers not driven or driven individually or in groups.
  • Residual pieces or samples are disposed of by movement through residual flaps, pushers or by manipulators with grippers or magnets.
  • Good pieces can be transported out to magazines or stacked on pallets over discharge roller conveyors.
  • Measuring systems or scales are optional extras for recording or correcting cut lengths, along with integration of marking systems, labeling, chamfering, and drilling stations.

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